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20240527: cows and 7 wizards

Printed Work

cover of Lagon 7, PLUIE.

This is the cover.

I have a short comic in the new Lagon book, PLUIE. It’s available over here!

Here’s a page from it. It’s based on Elden Ring…

page 02 of my comic for Lagon PLUIE.

Site Updates


poddy-calf page 11
Added a new section called SCRAP, which is for comics that are either in progress or finished comics that I can’t post online in full. Some of these are short pieces made for anthologies. I think technically it would be fine posting the whole thing online but it seems like better etiquette (?) to wait until after the anthology has been out for a bit.


manta ray wizard on the shore.

manta ray wizard on the shore.

Updated Wizards II page with 7 new drawings made from late February to now.


poster for Zine Not Dead Fest.
Poster for Zine Not Dead Fest. See here for info!


Added a link to this site:

minor changes

to do


Sleep schedule is somewhat better.


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